We recover VAT from abroad, which will have a positive impact on your finances. We start each project with verifying the areas of your business as part of which we may apply for VAT refund on your behalf, and precisely determine the amount of the tax refund due to you. Depending on the above, we will choose the right tools and propose specific solutions.

How do we act?

  1. You sign a contract with Fincarlo and grant us a power of attorney to represent you in the EU VAT refund procedure
  2. You provide us, by electronic means, with scans of invoices and receipts for business expenses incurred in other EU countries
  3. Fincarlo verifies the submitted documentation, draws up and sends an application to the competent tax office
  4. Fincarlo is in permanent contact with the tax administration in the countries to which VAT refund applications have been submitted by the Polish tax office
  5. Fincarlo transfers the amount of the recovered VAT (less commission) to your bank account