The most common cost categories that include foreign VAT whose refund you may claim:

  • purchase of fuel
  • rental of means of transport
  • expenditure relating to means of transport
  • tolls
  • travel expenses (taxi, public transport)
  • accommodation expenses
  • food, drink and restaurant expenses
  • fees for admission to fairs, conferences, events
  • entertainment and representation expenses
  • other expenses (for office purposes)

Do you know that:
Annually, VAT is not recovered in the amount of almost EUR 19 billion, which is mainly due to lack of knowledge, skills and a complicated and time-consuming manual process.

Despite the fact that more than 57% of the applications concerned refunds of less than 1,000 EUR, technological improvements implemented by Fincarlo make this process a business case.

The number of VAT refund applications submitted in the European Union on an annual basis exceeds 700,000, for the total amount exceeding EUR 4.2 billion.

As you can see, the process is becoming more and more popular, but it is still demanding.

Foreign VAT refund may be claimed under applicable EU and local tax law, including in particular the VAT Directive.

Communication with the tax administration in other EU countries is often a major barrier for Polish economic operators, which effectively deters them from taking actions in this respect.

As a result, they do not recover the funds they might claim.

Fincarlo has no problem with VAT recovery and takes all actions in this respect.

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